Media activities

Portfólió / Médiatevékenység

The OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt, in October 2016 strengthened its presence in the media, which gained a feature role for it inside OPUS Group, not only in terms of effectiveness, but in the number of employees.

Components of the portfolio:

The OPUS PRESS Zrt. coordinates the communication activities of the holding, and also strengthens and manages the holding’s investments in the media market.

Mediaworks Hungary Zrt.:

OPIMUS PRESS Zrt. purchased the 100% ownership of Mediaworks Hungary zrt., and with it, became the owner one of Hungary’s greatest newspaper publishing companies.

The Mediaworks can cost-effectively reach, not just broader social strata, but the segmented, hard-to-reach target groups with its versatile print, online products, and its nation-wide coverage. Our products provide an ideal opportunity for creating effective and creative ideas.

The Mediaworks Hungary Zrt. and its subsidiaries -with more than ninety media brands- offers national and regional coverage.

The group was one of Hungary’s most important media companies right at its establishment, with its known and popular newspapers like Nemzeti Sport, and Világgazdaság, twelve regional newspapers, with the portfolio of women’s and gastronomic portals, digital media products and more than 1,000 employees. The company has the latest printing presses in Hungary, and itself is the majority owner of the Médialog Zrt. and DMHM Kft distributor companies. The activities of the company cover all range from journalism to printing and distribution to digital media services.

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PRINTIMUS Innovatív Tudásbázist Szolgáltató Kft.:

The PRINTIMUS Innovatív Tudásbázist Szolgáltató Kft.

is the 100% subsidiary of OPIMUS PRESS Zrt.

The Printimus kft. In addition to the online magazines and the online mutations of daily newspapers published by Mediaworks, have exclusive sales rights over the online media platforms of Inform Média Lapkiadó Kft. and Lapcom Kiadó Zrt.

The company’s aim is to support the communication and appearance of firms in different business areas, which belongs in its portfolio, by optimizing diverse media surfaces and creating the strategies.

The company’s further aims are web content production, conference and event organization activities, and to implement solutions targeted to new markets

By the end of 2017, a strategic co-operation was concluded with AtMedia, as the largest Hungarian TV sales house, which will make them one of the largest participant in the online advertising market.