Dr. Gábor Miklós Dakó

Right after graduation Mr. Dakó gained experiences not just in regulation and supervision of investment service providers, but in authorization of capital market issuance as well at the predecessor of Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, Monetary- and Capital Market Supervisory Authority. Afterwards on distinguished duty he dealt with supervisory commissioner tasks and provided legal assistance to fellow commissioners at supervising institutes in critical situation.  At Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority and at the National Bank of Hungary he filled leader positions in the monitoring of capital market sector as well as in the issuer and issuance domain.

Until 2018 he operated as the Director of Capital Market and Market Surveillance at the National Bank of Hungary. He took active part in creation of market surveillance authority, considering its regulation facet, likewise in its practical operation. He gained specialized professional knowledge on several fields such as:

  • effective actions against market deviations;
  • regulation of public stock corporations and configuration of legal framework of operation in case of these corporations;
  • legal and structural preparation of mergers and acquisitions.

He acquired full range experience in the compliance to obligations burdening the share issuer companies and other tasks related to the issuance and holding of financial instruments, these experiences stems from both the work with authorities and operating on the corporate level.

In March, 2018 he joined the law firm Kertész and Partners.

Since July, 2019 he is the Chief Corporate Governance Officer responsible for the company’s capital market and investment relations and coordination of the holding company’s operations and communication on the capital market.