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Csabatáj Zrt. is the basic element of OPUS Group’s agricultural portfolio and gives jobs for nearly 100 people in the Békés county. Its main activity is mixed farming, which means within agriculture, table egg production, crop production -winter wheat, fodder maize, sunflower, green pea seed material- and other crop production services, which implements the trade of ~15 000 tons of grain annually. The poultry farm, in accordance with EU animal welfare requirements, currently has about 150,000 home-grown laying hens, whose annual product, approximately 40 million table eggs, were sold to the partners.

The company, to accomplish the future challenges, have a new manure fermentation facility, and its development plan includes the construction of a covered manure storage and the reconstruction of poultry rearing establishment, which comply the EU’s animal welfare legislations.

Food Industry

The OPUS GLOBAL’s Directorate decided in February 2018 the expansion of its agricultural portfolio, which has enlarged the OPUS Group with companies of significant potential.

The Group expanded with two agro-food companies, whom uses basic agricultural products.

The KALL Ingredients Kft. is a 100% Hungarian-owned corn processing company which produces high added value food ingredients, and forage materials, exclusively from GMO-free Hungarian corn. The factory located near Szolnok, in the industrial area of Tiszapüspöki.

The company processes half-million tons of corn annually, this production capacity made them one of the largest in Europe. Next to the isosugar production, the highest quality of pharmaceutical and food industrial alcohol are also included as a main part of their supply. Their broad portfolio comprises products from glucose, liquid dextrose, liquid fructose to maize germ oil, but there is also significant their GMO-free forage material production for livestock farming.


The facility was implemented as a greenfield investment of 145 million EUR, based on the highest available standards of technology, safety and environment. The waste-free production technology, and energy supply’s renewable basis supports the company’s commitment to sustainability and makes the establishment one of the greenest factories in Europe.

The Visonta Projekt Kft.’s wheat starch plant’s construction starts in spring of 2017 as a 30 billion HUF investment, in the industrial park of the Mátra power plant. The factory is suitable for process 250 thousand tons of grain annually and expectedly to start its operation in October, 2018 with a trial run. The Visonta Projekt Kft. with application of world-class technologies, produces starch, alcohol and forage for further processing of food – pharmaceutical and – chemical industries. The factory can expectedly ensure European-quality jobs to 256 workers.