Heavy Industry

Portfólió / Heavy industry

 Wamsler SE, as the legal successor of Salgótarjáni Vasöntöde és Tűzhelygyár, by joining Wamsler GmbH of Germany (München) in 1992, has been manufacturing household ovens, cookers and heaters for over 100 years (since 1894). The PERPETUM stove, the TEA and SALGÓ range, then the KOMFORT, KARANCS gas-range, and the 90’s hit, the VESTA gas-range – to mention some of the legendary products from the past century.

Nowadays the Wamsler SE considered as the largest “oven factory” in Central Europe, whose most products are exported, primarily to the German market, but it has a significant share in the Hungarian market as well. The company puts huge emphasis on the innovative environment-friendly production technologies and waste recycling. The company increases its economic and technological competitiveness through a significant reduction of its material and energy consumption and also with the reduction of its devices pollutant emission.

Wamsler SE signed a grant contract with the Ministry of National Economic for the implementation of the “Creating an Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovation Center, at Wamsler SE Részvénytársaság, in order to increase efficiency and competitiveness” project, during which took place for the reorganization of Wamsler SE’s production processes, for production hall builds, production equipment modernization, and capacity expansion.

more information: www.wamsler.hu