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The Opus Group lists in „Other” category its investments with high potentials, such as the fund management and the informatic data management

Opus Global Nyrt. bought 24,67% of the fund a management company “Status Capital Zrt”, in July 2017.

The „STATUS Capital Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt.” starts two private equity funds, the „STATUS MPE Magántőkealap” with 6,5 billion HUF subscribed capital, and the „STATUS Energy Magántőkealap” with 10 billion HUF subscribed capital.

The company’s equity funds, right after they get established, obtains interests in other businesses of significant investment opportunities.


The Opus Global Nyrt. has entered the stage of informatic data management, in July of 2017, by acquiring the 24,87% ownership of „Takarékinfó Központi Adatfeldolgozó Zrt” The Takarékinfó Zrt. carries out IT activities and coordinates the development of the unified IT system (EIR) among the members of the cooperative bank integration. The Takarékinfó Központi Adatfeldolgozó Zrt.’s main profile is the IT and telecommunications support of the cooperative bank sector’s participants, as also it is their systems’ operations and the implementation of new developments.

Ce company’s service covers the full range of banking and financial applications.

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