Portfolio / Energetics

The Directorate of Opus Global Nyrt. made significant decisions of the aspect of shareholders

Accordingly, until 30 June 2018, the company will implement six, timely distinct transactions.

According to the Directorate’s decision, the Opus’ assets will be expanded with such decisive fundamentals which will boost the company’s revenue-generating capability.

Along with the management’s growth strategy, with its new assets, the OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt will turn to such an industrial holding company, which profile will reflect well the Hungarian economy’s key sectors, and due this, the OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt will be develop a determining stock company of the Budapest stage.

After the transaction, the energy sector will appear as the new element in OPUS portfolio.

During the capital increase announced in February of 2018, the OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt will take indirectly a 20% ownership of Mátrai Erőmű Zrt.

The electricity-production company, Mátrai Erőmű Zrt. which located in Visonta, is a reliable base unit of the Hungarian electricity system and also the country’s largest coal-fired power plant.

The company generates energy from the lignite, which extracted from its own mines by opencast workings and produces about 13% of the Hungarian national economy’s electricity consumption.

The company taking up a significant employment role in the region, insomuch as only the power plant and the open-cast mines employs 2100 people.

The Mátra Power Plant is a nationally-strategic importance company for generation and distribution of electric power, which has huge growth potential for the Opus group. 

The OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt. became the indirect owner of Mátrai Erőmű Zrt. in 34%, and from 20th June 2019, in 40%. Thanks to the transaction and capital increase mentioned above, with the acquisition of exclusive management rights over the Mátrai Erőmű Zrt., the OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt. consolidated it as a subsidiary, thus significantly increasing the consolidated financial indicators of OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt.


During the capital increase the OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt. will take indirectly the 51% ownership of Geosol Kft., which operates in the industrial park of the Mátra Power Plant, and supplies the Mátra power station with alternative fuels, including biomass. The company’s primary objective is to became largest alternative fuel producer and trader company in Hungary.

The primary strategic goal of Geosol, is to be able to produce and offer good quality alternative fuels, recycled materials and biomass continuously to the users, in view of the market and environmental requirements.

link http://www.geosol.hu/strategia-kuldetes