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OPUS GLOBAL Plc. is one the most diversified holdings in Hungary investing in strategically important economic sector with big growth potential in the Hungarian and Central and Eastern European regions. The Company has direct and indirect minority interest in significant companies. Thereof interests are managed by OPUS in the Asset Management segment.


Révay Office Building, being in the indirect ownership of OBRA Kft., is situated in District VI, Budapest, halfway between St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Opera House. As a result of the developments in the neighborhood, the building, located at number 10 in Révay street, Budapest, has been being fully renovated, and the inner courtyard with corridors is now an air-conditioned and sunlit atrium. The principal activity of the company is renting, and its income comes from the utilization of the real property at its registered seat. The utilization of the office building was more than 97% in 2019.

Addition OPUS Zrt.

Addition OPUS Zrt., demerged from Status Capital Kockázati Tőkealapkezelő Zrt. (Status Capital Risk Capital Fund Management Private Limited Company) in July 2020, has a 24.88% ownership in OPUS GLOBAL Plc. The company has shares in enterprises with significant potential, such as, Takarékinfó Központi Adatfeldolgozó Zrt. (Takarékinfo Central Data Processor Private Limited Company), Diófa Alapkezelő Zrt. (Diófa Fund Management Private Limited Company), and, moreover, owns more than 3% OPUS shares, hence, it has equity in the Parent Company, namely in OPUS GLOBAL Plc.

Takarékinfo Központi Adatfeldolgozó Zrt.

OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt. purchased 24.87% of Takarékinfó Központi Adatfeldolgozó Zrt. in July 2017. The main activity of Takarékinfo Központi Adatfeldolgozó Zrt. is the IT and telecom support of the members in the cooperative bank sector by way of system operation, new developments, involving external partners, if necessary. The Company’s services cover the entire scope of applications related to banks and financial institutions: application operation, architecture design, development, managed telecom services, information technology solutions.

The direct and indirect business share of the OPUS Group is 30.96%, considering that Addition OPUS Zrt., demerging from STATUS Capital Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt., and a minority share of which is directly owned by OPUS, owns a further 24.69% in Takarékinfó Központi Adatfeldolgozó Zrt.,

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