OPUS GLOBAL Plc. performs its investments in sectors of strategic importance in respect of the Hungarian economy via such companies which are market leaders or have special key positions or driven by cash flow/dividend. By means of the strategical investments it seeks to gain majority ownership in the said company to ensure the supervision on operative decisions. 

Regarding the strategical aim of OPUS GLOBAL Plc., to ensure a sustainable and stable growth for tourism, industry, food industry, and for those companies which belong to its asset management portfolio are all included in the interest of revenue-generating ability.  On the basis of the aforesaid, the aim of the management is to present the company for institutional investors and financial funds pursuing conservative investment policy as an attractive target.

In the interest of performing growing potential gaining profit in middle and long term, OPUS GLOBAL Plc. – in a transparent way for its investors – provides financing possibilities for entities included in the scope of consolidation, and classified under one of the divisions. OPUS GLOBAL Plc. is in a leadership position in the strategical divisions (industry, food industry, tourism) upon forming such integrations by which its subsidiary companies become more valuable than independently. With regards, liquid assets, which are not classified under strategical divisions, e.g. CIG Pannónia Plc., but calculated and maintained as financial investors, and on the basis of its financial decision, and in the interest of maintaining and increasing value under divisions, are to be sold. 

Regarding the management’s strategical way of thinking, to react flexibly to the changed market environment is a crucial part to preserve and enhance its investment value. The acquisition and integration of companies with a significant growing potential and revenue-generating ability continue to be highlighted aims. Moreover, optimizing the existing assets are of particular importance. 

Upon utilization of the advantages of the holding structure, namely exploring the synergy between assets and business activities of the group, reasonable and harmonized management with the available resources and sources, utilization of the cooperation possibilities within the group, the management’s profit and quality-oriented management style, and the outstanding and unique knowledge and expertise of the experts within the organization, all strengthen the significant importance in the market in the sectors of industry and services. 

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