Company information


Company’s Name OPUS GLOBAL Public limited company
Company’s abbreviated name OPUS GLOBAL PLC.
Company registry number Company Court of the Budapest-Capital Regional Court Crno.: 01-10-042533, Hungary
Address 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út. 59m.
Phone (36-1) 433-07-00
Fax (36-1) 433-07-03
Joint capital 8.132.445.950,- Ft
Duration of the company’s operation indefinited
Company’s fiscal year Equal to the calendar year, which runs every year from 1 January to 31 December
Nature of business (SIC) SIC: 6420’08 Trusteeship (holding)
Members of the Directorate Mészáros Beatrix
Jászai Gellért
Dr. Gödör Éva Szilvia
Homlok-Mészáros Ágnes
Halmi Tamás
Audit Committee’s and Supervisory Board’s memebers Tima János
Dr. Egyedné dr. Páricsi Orsolya
Dr. Antal Kadosa
Management Ódorné Angyal Zsuzsanna (CEO)
Auditor BDO Magyarország Könyvvizsgáló Kft. (Responsible Auditor: Kékesi Péter)
Company Overview OPUS GLOBAL PLC looks back to its 105 year long history as a member of the Budapest Stock Exchange since 1998. The corporation ceased the veterinarian operation after changing the corporate image in 2009, and primarily works on management and trusteeship of companies with different profiles as a financial investor in holding structure. At this moment the group of affiliated firms includes a newspaper publisher, a stove and fireplace manufacturer, an agricultural company and a construction firm, and also an office property management company. The corporation broadens the range of investments continuously.A Társaság a befektetések körét folyamatosan bővíti.
Shareholders MÉSZÁROS Lőrinc – 23,67%
KONZUM PE Magántőkealap – 20,27%
STATUS Capital Befektetési Zrt. – 8,14%
Saját részvény – 5,5%


Name OPUS részvény
Issuer OPUS GLOBAL Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság
Equity class Ordinary share
Stock type Registered
ISIN HU0000110226
Ticker OPUS
Par value 25 HUF
Number of Stocks  325 297 838
Listing date 1998. ápr. 22.
First Trading Day 1998. ápr. 22.
Market Prémium
Unit 1
Currency HUF
Listing Price 700


The OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt. manages the task of company’s stock register at its seat, by itself.The shareholders, may view the stock register, and claim a copy of its relevant parts, which must be fulfill by our company within 5 days. A third person can view the stock register.

We ensure the access to the stock register at the company’s secretariat (1065 Budapest, Révay str. 10.) on workdays, between 9am and 3pm, after a previous appointment via phone or e-mail (Phone.: +36-1-433-0700; e-mail: