Food industry

In 2018, the Board of Directors of OPUS GLOBAL Plc. decided on portfolio enlargement, by which OPUS Group was supplemented with companies of significant potential. The Corporate Group was enlarged with two food industry companies utilizing agricultural inputs.    

KALL Ingredients Kft.

KALL Ingredients Private Limited Liability Company (Kft.), a 100% Hungarian-owned maize processing company, produces high added-value food industry basic materials, and feed materials exclusively from GMO-free Hungarian maize. The factory is located near Szolnok, in the industrial area of Tiszapüspöki.


Building works of VIRESOL Private Limited Liability Company (Kft.), in the amount of 30 billion Hungarian Forints investment, were started in spring, 2017. The factory – being suitable for processing 250 thousand tons of cereal annually – started its operation in 2019. VIRESOL Kft. is going to produce starch, alcohol and feed for further processing for food, pharmacy and chemical industry by employing technologies of world-class. 

Csabatáj Mezőgazdasági Zrt.

Csabatáj Agricultural Plc. forms the base for the agricultural OPUS Group portfolio and it provides employment opportunities for almost 100 people in Békés sub-region. The principal activity of the herein company is mixed farming, which means, within the agriculture, table egg production, cropping – winter wheat, forage maize, sunflower, green pea seeds basic materials – and other cropping services, which realize 15,000 tons of cereal trade on an annual basis.

In line with the EU requirements on animal welfare, the plant has almost 150 thousand of home-grown laying hens, of which annual product, approximately 40 million eggs, is being marketed and sold for partners. In compliance with future challenges and in line with the EU animal welfare requirements, the company has a new manure fermenter plant, and among its further developments storage facilities for manure covered construction and poultry rearing establishment reconstruction are included.

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