Industry and energetics

OPUS GLOBAL Plc. considers that construction and heavy industry enterprises are prominent actors of the Industrial production segment in relation to its portfolio, of which consolidated Balance sheet total of the Group was 32% in 2019.      

Mészáros Építőipari Holding Zrt

The principal activity of Mészáros Construction Holding Private Limited Company deals with the asset management of Mészáros and Mészáros Pllc. and R-KORD Pllc. The herein two subsidiary companies are in the sole ownership of the holding.

Mészáros és Mészáros Kft.

Mészáros and Mészáros Private Limited Liability Company primarily performs works in relation to bridge, road, utility, hydraulic engineering, and engineering facilities for environmental protection and nuclear power constructions. The expertise and construction experience accumulated in respect of its subsidiary companies made possible for the company to participate in projects of significant importance.

R-Kord Építőipari Kft.

In relation to railways R-KORD Building and Construction Private Limited Liability Company has a history of more than 20 years in the areas of interlocking systems and telecommunication equipment, and railway overhead lines construction, maintenance, planning, and clearance.

Wamsler SE

As the legal successor of Salgótarjáni Vasöntöde és Tűzhelygyár (Salgótarján Iron Foundry and Stove Factory) Wamsler SE has been manufacturing cookers, stoves and fireplaces for more than 100 years (since 1984) following the merger with Wamsler GmbH, Munich. According to the data of HKI Industrieverband, nowadays, Wamsler SE is considered to be the biggest fireplace and cooker manufacturer in the Central and Eastern Europe region with 7 to 8% European market share.

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