Szabolcs Makai

Makai Szabolcs is the head of the food division of OPUS GLOBAL Nyrt. (OPUS GLOBAL Plc.) as of 30 November, and he is also the co-manager of Kall Ingredients Kft. (Kall Ingredients Ltd.), a subsidiary of the listed company, and chairman of the supervisory board of Viersol Kft. (Viresol Ltd.). Makai Szabolcs graduated in agricultural engineering and marketing. For two decades, he held various
senior positions at the American multinational Cargill. From 2014, he was President and CEO of Cargill Hungary Zrt. (Cargill Hungary Plc.), a Hungarian and Slovakian company active in cereals, oilseeds and input products. In 2017, he was part of Cargill’s global strategy team in Minneapolis, and after returning home, he served as President and CEO of Cargill Takarmány Zrt. (Cargill Feed Plc.) and worked as a head of commerce in European management. In 2019, he joined Talentis Agro Zrt. (Talentis Agro Plc.) as CEO, which he has managed ever since. Today, the Mészáros Companies Group agricultural holding farms around 45,000 hectares with 14 production companies. Under his leadership, the company has completed the acquisition of a number of long-established agricultural businesses, becoming an unavoidable player in Hungarian agriculture. In the summer of 2021, a new agricultural integrator, Agrolink, was launched with the participation of Talentis Agro, among others. In November 2021, Makai Szabolcs was elected to the Rector’s Advisory Board of MATE (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences), and from the beginning of December 2021 to the Board of Directors of Nemzeti Ménesbirtok és Tangazdaság Zrt. (National Stud Farm and Experimental Farm
Plc.) in Mezőhegyes.