Mr. Miklós Gál

Mr. Gál graduated as an economist specialised in insolvency law from the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the University of Pécs, and later on supplemented his previous studies with a specialised economist diploma of a trustee. He worked for GE Capital Services – Budapest Bank Plc. on several fields. Since 2005 he had been occupying the position executive manager of Arthur Bergmann Budapest Ltd. until he had been appointed as the Chairman of Board at Arthur Bergman Hungary Plc. in 2012.

His prior experience on the financial market serves him well as the chairman of Board at 3A Takarékszövetkezet and as the member of Board at Centrál Takarékszövetkezet. He took a notable role in the integration process of the cooperative financial institutes in Hungary. He is a member of several mutual funds, such as Status Capital Plc., DBH Investment Plc. or Diófa Alapkezelő Plc.

Since July, 2019 he is the Chief Executive Officer of OPUS GLOBAL Plc.

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